Peter Gilmour

Peter Gilmour is a leading Mental Performance Coach using unique and special methods drawn from a wide variety of sources to help people feel better, function better, be happy and achieve great things. Over the years Peter has developed a range of simple, rapid techniques to help a diverse range of clients including professional athletes, business leaders, celebrities, and figures from the world of arts and entertainment to remove negative emotions and enter inspired mental states. These highly potent methods boost confidence, belief and happiness to the point where you feel great and at the height of your powers. Improvements happen immediately from the very first session. There is no question about this. Whatever your walk of life you can expect a huge improvement in your performance level when using these techniques. Peter works individually or with groups of any size and is available for talks, seminars and workshops on the subjects of mental toughness or achieving happiness anywhere in the world. His 'How to be Happy' event is has proved massively popular for businesses, clubs and private events and is now taking bookings throughout the UK and abroad. It will soon be made into a TV programme.
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