WE BUY USED TENNIS BALLS... In Batches Of 100 For £18.00 (18p per ball) or In Batches Of 200 For £40.00 (20p per Ball) We make it easy for you to recycle with us… Once you have a batch of either 100 or 200 balls ready, simply let us know, and we will send you one of our reusable courier sacks. Once you let us know that the sack has been packed, we will email you a shipping label and arrange for the courier to call and collect it from you. (we cover all of the shipping costs). When we receive the balls, we will make a bank transfer for you either on the same day the balls are received, or the following day. So long as the balls are not badly weather damaged or very discoloured or have damaged nap, we can accept them. (What we mean by the above is : for instance, balls have been knocked over the fence and then left out in all weathers for many many months, will be very weathered, will have become very discoloured and probably the nap will have started to fray off the ball, it is balls in this condition that we can not accept. We are now recycling with over 800 clubs & coaches throughout the UK. If you would like start recycling your used tennis balls with us, please send us an email and we will be happy to set this up for you, or if you would like more information. Visit us here for more details… or email us at:
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