Our Creation


The creation of UK Tennis Magazine was a combination of conscientious commitment and creative desperation and is the brainchild of Royston Kymberly & David Goody.  


David had been an avid sports writer and book publisher for many years and a supportive tennis parent, player and enthusiast.  Royston had been a successful tennis coach for over 20 years.  Both guys really loved the sport of tennis...really loved to write stuff....and really loved to be unconventional. 

Together with their crew of highly professional back-room staff, and with the continued support of BTCA, these two editorial entrepreneurs were looking to rip-up the pages of convention and tip away the ink of conformity.  It was in their nature to be open-minded, light hearted, and inclusive.

The magazines vocal objective will always be shaped by what it feels is best for British Tennis regardless of who hears it.  This means that UK Tennis Magazine is prepared to say what needs to be said even if it hurts.

A strong independent voice that supports and expresses what is right about the development of tennis in the UK, but also one that shouts loud about and against what is wrong with it has been vacant in our sport for too long.

David Goody moved on to take up another passtime in early 2013 as the magazine progressed onto monthly digital format and hugely increased its circulation and market influence.  UK Tennis Magazine continues to grow as it benefits greatly from its communicative approach and its ever progressive marketing experience. 


UKT...the No1 read of...

The British Tennis Coaches Association

UK Tennis Magazine is an independent tennis publication that provides information, entertainment and communication services for all tennis enthusiasts and is a wonderful media vehicle for anyone wishing to offer something positive to the sport we love. Therefore we invite input from all of our readers whether they are players, coaches, parents or tennis enthusiasts, and we are keen to support all those wishing to showcase their products and services with us. This means that UK Tennis Magazine will be committed to delivering an unbiased coverage of the UK Tennis community in which it is published, and our goal is to embody the character, voice, and spirit of our readers.

We will endeavour to give all tennis participants a place to read, write, and learn about themselves, and by balancing hard news with creative journalism, relevant information and fun, we hope to make our magazine the most enjoyable read in British Tennis.

Our Contributors

UK Tennis Magazine features some of the biggest names in tennis, who provide us with articles, interviews and features. We are also very fortunate to have some of the best tennis photographers providing us with their images.

The British Tennis Industry benefits greatly from the work they submit and we thank them all kindly for the contributions they make to our magazine and to the sport of tennis in the UK.

Nick Loves UK Tennis